First of all, I'm going to say I didn't plan any of this before hand, so anything you see in here will probably be not-that-well-thought-out. More ideas will be added if I think of any.

Comments definitely appreciated!

Staff of Protection

The Staff of Protection, when used, will emit a semicircular barrier around you with a raidus of three blocks. All players within the barrier will receive the "Guarded" buff, which will cause their defence to increase by 10%.

The caster of this spell will constantly lose mana as this spell is being used at a rate of 10 mana per second, and any projectile which touches the sheild has a 80% chance of being reflected.

It is crafted from one Ice Rod, Twenty Soul of Might, Fourty pixie dust and two unicorn horns.

Ice Arrow

Crafted with twenty-five regular arrows and four snow blocks, this arrow will shatter upon impact, dealing 5 extra damage and inflicting the "Frostbite" debuff. This debuff causes the enemy to be slowed by half.


A spell-like sword, this weapon deals ten melee damage frequently to any ground-based enemy, regardless of defence at a cost of five mana per second.

The Trickster

The Trapmaster is a new boss found outside the dungeon once the ConTrapTion has been made. The ConTrapTion is made with a Dart Trap, Explosives, Twenty wire, 5 Copper bars and 5 Iron bars. The Trapmaster runs around the dungeon, occasionally placing Explosives connected to a pressure plate. He runs as fast as the player with Hermes Boots.

Once in a while, he will sprint onward into the shadows, removing torches and becoming invisible. Once you reach his location, he will suddenly spring backwards, showering you with grenades. He does not have any melee attacks of his own.

Upon death, the Mechanic sells more mechanical stuff. (Too lazy to add any more...)

Dragonspirit Mystical Bow

A new type of bow which rivals that of the Hallowed Repeater. It is crafted from the Molten Fury, 20 Soul of Flight, the Adamantite Repeater and 20 Soul of Might and Fright. It shoots arrows at an extremely fast speed with a slow reload time and does 60 damage with each hit. It consumes 15 mana with each shot, although when standing still, the reload time gives you almost enough time to recharge the mana.

The total DPS would be a little higher than that of the Hallowed Repeater.