Hey, after the 1.1 patch, i started thinking of building things.

Not just things, epic things.

Welll....So my first idea was a light switch, but thats so unoriginal XD

So then i played around with pressure plates and i made an epic mob trap:

The Epic Mob Trap


The fully original Mob-Trap

The water at the bottom is to force slimes into the lower trap, while the middle platform is for you to stand in.

Each of the traps only work to trap one enemy, with the exception of the bottom one, to trap slimes and walking enemies an unlimited amount of times.

The pressure plates in the middle closes the door without opening it while the beams outside force the door to open inwards.

Its a great idea, though not entirely foolproof.

Then I got this idea from someone else - i added pressure plates and a boulder and i made the first (I think?) REPEATER!

The "Repeater"


My builds which incorporate the "Repeater".

The boulder turns on one 1 second timer at a time by pressing the plates (I love how they do that!) and those timers alternate the switches, which in turn make a minecraft-like alternating effect. You gotta see it to actually see how it works!

This can be used to power a number of things:

Down/Up elevators (Very, VERY tideous to make, and you have to grapple to use the up "elevator")

"Moving" Torches (The torches alternate from right to left, making it look like the light is moving)

A Platform that "Moves" (Like the torches, but with inactive stone blocks)

Anti-Grapple Walls!

Anti-Grapple walls

Stupid Eye!

Turns out you cant latch on to inactive stone blocks. (Well duh.) By turning active stone blocks into inactive stone blocks quickly, I created an anti-grapple room! Incorporating Yrimir's CrabEngine in, It works great! Liquids are held inside but Items fall through, though. (Gave me an idea for the wishing well!)

The Wishing Well

Wishing Well(1)

I WISH I could get my coin back!

Heres something i built with the idea of the "airlock" in mind. Coins fall through the blocks, but water doesnt. You can then collect the coins later :D

This isnt foolproof as players can grapple through the blocks, but its a great addition to any city.

Wishing Well(2)

My coin! My wish came true!

You could hide the entrance to the coin with some active/inactive stone blocks, but determined people would just mine through them.

The Chest Factory

After realising that you could duplicate chests using active stone blocks, I decided to take it up a notch and make an entire chest-duplicating factory.

I kinda overdid it because the maximum number of items on screen is actually 200, and a flip of the switch already covers that.

Chest farm

My chest farm, duplicating shadow chests.

Lets do some simple math:

1 Shadow/Gold chest = 10 silver
5 seconds = 200 chests (Picking up chests plus lag)
50 seconds = 2000 chests (20+ stacks of chests, save up space!)
Add 10 seconds for selling stuff to NPCs
1 min = 2000 silver = 20 gold
5 mins = 1 platinum

If you add another player to the equation, you could increase the number by almost double!

I replaced the lever with the one second timer, and I realised i had made the ultimate lag machine. Maybe I could even have crashed my terraria should I have hooked this up to a crab engine.

The Shower


My Shower

Everybody needs to keep clean, right?

The pumps pump water, the lava at the bottom gets rid of excess water,

the door is made up of active stone blocks to prevent water-glitching

and the active stone blocks at the top go on and off to spread water everywhere.

Its simple!

Hot Stones

"Ever wanted to make a stone magically glow? No? Ok."

....So anyway, due to the 1.1 patch, liquids now no-longer disapear behind blocks. I realised that i could hide lava behind a active stone block, and it worked! The glow from the lava is much dimmer than when the lava is "free", making it look like the stone is hot. This can be used in a couple of mechanisms, such as an anti-grapple wall (You heard me right! Anti-grapple wall V2!).

How to make a hot stone


How to make a "Hot Stone"

First of all, you need to know how to make it. Its quite simple, and you should be able to figure it out yourself, but heres a picture in case you're too lazy:

Lava Trap

Now that your stone block is done, you can make lots of things! By changing the stone block back into an inactive stone block, you can make a trap which releases the hidden lava. You might think the glowing gives it away, but if you light up the stone enough with a torch or a white torch, you can make it seem like a normal stone. This can be done, too, with water, to make a hidden swimming pool/drowning pool.

Stone Lamps

Stone Lamps

The "Stone Lamps"

How 'bout a lamp post? Yes, the Lamp Post added in 1.0.6 is great and all, but this looks better (Sort of!). It gives off a dim glow and you can "adjust the brightness" while not being able to turn it off. Just surround the stone in some other material and hook it up to a switch/lever!

Scorching Ceiling

IT BURNS! By placing lots of hot stones in a row above your head, due to the size of the lava, the ceiling will "burn" you if you touch it from the bottom. Useful if you dont want a spiderman in your house!

Anti Grapple Walls V2

Someone told me that placing a block over water would cause it to throw your hook off. By placing hot stones, or stones with water in them against a wall, you can easily make an anti-grapple wall. However, make sure to place another row of inactive stone beside the stones in case you want to leave! Leaving liquids inside a block when exiting the map will cause the liquid to disapear, and letting the lava sit inside an inactive stone block will help you preserve your lava.

Thats all!

Thats all the ideas i have for now - Im contemplating if i should release my world map somewhere xD

Im working on a rube goldberg but i guess i'll be bored to death before i can finish it :P

I'll be adding more content from time to time, so check back here often!

Bai people!