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  • MarieBilly Archimedes Shears

    I've officially decided against Cthulhu ever being in the game as an actual boss. This video pretty much explains it.

    Basically, Cthulhu isn't a giant tentacle-y creature you can defeat. It's the idea of how futile and meaningless our choices can be. Just being able to damage Cthulhu ruins the idea. Because it can't be defeated. It's not something that "exists," per se. It's pretty much represented by the word of Terraria itself in a way. It never truly changes, no matter how many villagers you house or monsters you defeat, there's really no long-term goal. Hope I gave you a new look at Cthulhu! :)

    --Billy Shears

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  • MarieBilly Archimedes Shears

    Hey, guys! Today, I'd like to share my ideas on the fabled "Lunar Update," as well as the "Lunar Boss."

    We all know the Lunar Update is supposed to end Terraria and begin Terraria 2. This means it's gonna be HUGE, since the developers would probably want to keep us occupied, while T2 is still in development. Could the Lunar Boss, which I am codenaming Luna, be Cthulhu, an idea believed by some to be scrapped? We all know since Luna will be the final boss (probably), it will be extremely powerful.We're talking being able to summon other bosses.
    The moon has always played a valuable role in Terraria. The phases affect certain things, such as exclusive items from Vendor NPCs, the Halloween-themed Pumpkin Moon, and the dreaded Blood Moon (also…

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  • MarieBilly Archimedes Shears

    Hi, I'm Mariobilly, a new member of this wiki, and I wanted to share my ideas for the Cthulhu boss. I was originally gonna make this a comment on the Cthulhu page, but I knew it would be too long.

    I think that it will be able to regenerate body parts since it was powerful enough to give them life, and managed to survive without the most vital organ in the body (except for jellyfish, some bugs, and micro-organisms). I also believe it will have the power of Corruption, Crimson, Hell (and possibly Hallow and Underground) combined, and takes you to another dimension (R'lyeh) for the battle that decides the fate of Terraria, and you must defeat all other bosses to challenge it, and after you have beaten all bosses, you will automatically be brou…

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