Having only been playing Terraria for two weeks or so, I am still at the noobish stage of my gaming experience. I really like this wiki, it has helped me a lot in many situations where I have no clue what to do, especially when I just started out.

I haven't met a corrupted zone yet, to my surprise. Apparently, there are suppose to be maybe three or four in a world? I have traversed my world far and wide and have yet to come across a corrupted zone. However, my brother has already come across two or three...

Although, even though my brother has been playing for a much shorter time than I have been, he is very much further ahead of me in gameplay and stats, which irritates me... ah well. He plays much more than me, I'll tell you that.

So far, I really am addicted to this game... I love how it sets a more creative tone, building your own world, houses, digging up caves and such, etc... it's very entertaining and fun :D

Not sure if I'm doing this whole "blogging" thing right, as I said, I am a noob to Terraria in addition to Terraria Wiki.

Till next time~