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  • Marzu

    Shadowbeam Staff

    October 3, 2013 by Marzu

    I have been grinding Necromancers for Shadowbeam staff for hours. Not getting it. Could someone trade / give it for me? I am willing to trade drops from Golem. (Picksaw, cursed tomahawk... etc) Contact me on steam, Cryma

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  • Marzu


    December 22, 2011 by Marzu

    Here is Skeletron/Skeletron Prime challenge:

    Diamond: Kill Skeletron with Molten Pickaxe

    Platinum: Kill Skeletron with Cobalt Drill

    Gold: Kill Skeletron with Mythril Drill

    Silver: Kill Skeletron with Adamantite Drill

    Bronze: Kill Skeletron with Hamdrax

    Diamond Plus+: Kill Skeletron Prime with Molten Pickaxe

    Platinum Plus+: Kill Skeletron Prime with Cobalt Drill

    Gold Plus+: Kill Skeletron Prime with Mythril Drill

    Silver Plus+: Kill Skeletron Prime with Adamantite Drill

    Bronze Plus+: Kill Skeletron Prime with Hamdrax

    Enjoy the challenge!

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  • Marzu

    Guys, i want to play Duo Terraria or with 3 players or even 4... anyways you can connect to me at Steam, my name is Marzu. You can come with anything u want but no cheats and if you come with good stuff i would need help with The Twins. If i cannot play tomorrow, then it's because my router doesn't work. Hope you guys come, first 3 guys can play with me :)

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