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    MediaWiki 1.19

    July 10, 2012 by Mathmagician

    This is a discussion blog for bugs related to the MediaWiki 1.19 upgrade. It has nothing to do with Terraria the game, but rather, it's just related to the wiki. Please report any bugs you find here.

    Today, the Terraria Wiki has been upgraded to MediaWiki 1.19 as part of Wikia's MediaWiki upgrade process. This upgrade provides some new core functionality in the software and helps Wikia stay up-to-date in web technologies. However, some bugs might pop up as a result of this upgrade.

    If you notice any weird formatting problems or bugs happening on the Terraria Wiki -- problems with articles, chat, your account, etc. -- over the next few weeks, please comment on this blog to report them. That way we can collect all issues in one place and repor…

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  • Mathmagician

    Update 5/15/2012: The JavaScript hack described in this blog is now unnecessary. Use the newly released option: Special:Preferences -> Under the Hood -> Advanced display options: Enable Go-Search.

    As you may be aware, across Wikia the search feature is changing. The latest update is viewed by some to be more like a downgrade, making it more difficult to navigate around the wiki. Searching for "Zombie" no longer takes you to the "Zombie" page, instead it brings up poorly populated search results. The idea was that it's supposed to be easier to run a keyword search -- but it's very inconvenient when you need to access information quickly.

    Fortunately, there's a custom JavaScript search fix for your own search bar, but you have to install it yo…

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  • Mathmagician

    Hey, since Reborn Mod came out today (I live in the US, where it's still March 10th), I wanted to put up a written guide on how to install it for you guys. Please check out the Terraria Online thread affiliated with the mod team and I probably can't help you with any bugs or other issues.

    1. If all your characters and worlds are gone (you don't see them in the in-game menu), it's because you didn't copy over your world and player files in Step 6.
    2. If you get to Step 7 and the Game Launcher repeatedly gives you the error message "Launch the game through your Steam client." -- it's probably because you aren't running Steam from your administrator account, as mentioned in Step 1.

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  • Mathmagician


    March 10, 2012 by Mathmagician

    Hey everyone, I've got an announcement regarding mods.

    We have reached the decision that we will be expanding our wiki to allow all users to write about whichever mods they wish, and will not be endorsing any one particular mod or trying to show favoritism towards any group. That being said, we think that Reborn mod will shape up to be great and we look forward to writing about it.

    We think that, since Terraria development has stopped, offering mod content on our wiki is the best new direction for the community. For those of you who may be hesistant or are not interested in playing mods, rest assured that we will be trying our hardest to keep mod content separated from content that is in standard Terraria. We simply wish to provide additiona…

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  • Mathmagician

    Reborn Mod

    March 6, 2012 by Mathmagician

    Hey guys, in case you haven't heard, the Reborn Mod for Terraria is fast approaching release. I am not affiliated with the mod team, I'm just writing this blog post. Check out the the Terraria Online thread for the most detailed info available right now. The features the mod is promising upon release are:

    • 3 new pre hardmode bosses
    • 1 hardmode boss
    • 100+ new weapons

    • Capture the Flag
    • Weapon enchantment system
    • Additional updates

    • Whole new ore tier
    • Accessories
    • Vanity items

    Do we want to host information for the Reborn Mod on this wiki and be the source for all its information? The mod team is offering this (see Hero's note on my talk page). This would possibly entail the addition of hundreds of new pages to our wiki. Please comment below on whether you do/don't…

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