Hey, since Reborn Mod came out today (I live in the US, where it's still March 10th), I wanted to put up a written guide on how to install it for you guys. Please check out the Terraria Online thread[1] about this mod too, as it has the official information. Credit for this guide goes to PsiSyndicate, because I watched his video[2] first =). I believe Hero will have a video coming out soon and I'll be sure to link that when I see it.

Installation Video[2]

Terraria Reborn Mod Installation!03:22

Terraria Reborn Mod Installation!

Step 1: Conditions

  1. You must have a legal copy of Terraria through Steam.
  2. This guide is written for people who are running the Windows 7 operating system on a PC.
  3. Warning: <YOUR_USERNAME> in this walkthrough should be an administrator account on your computer. If you don't typically use the administrator account on your computer, that's alright, but you will need to copy some world/player files over to there. You will also need to type in the administrator password to install a few things and you will need to right-click on steam and "Run as administrator."

Step 2: Backup Your Save Data!

  1. Navigate to where your Terraria World and Player data is stored on your computer. By default, this should be this folder: C:\Users\<YOUR_USERNAME>\Documents\My Games\Terraria
  2. Highlight everything in that folder and copy it. Then paste it somewhere else to make a backup of your Terraria data. It's just generally important to always have a backup of your Worlds and Players!

Step 3: Further Precautions

It is recommended that you navigate to your game library on Steam, right-click on Terraria and "Delete Local Content." Then re-download the game through Steam. Also, if you have any previous mods installed, be sure to uninstall them, as some mods may not be compatible with Reborn. Basically, blank your folder where Terraria is installed and get a fresh download of the game through Steam. By default, that folder should be:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\terraria

Step 4: Downloads

To play the Reborn Mod, you will need to download and install some different things.

  1. tConfig - A Mod To Make Mods
  2. The Terraria Game Launcher GUI
  3. Reborn Mod

Step 5: Installs

Note: Please check out Omnir's post about installing tConfig / Gamelauncher.[3]

  1. Install tConfig by running the tConfig Installer.exe file.
  2. Install the Terraria Game Launcher by running the game Launcher Setup.exe file.
  3. Install the Reborn Mod. To do this, you will need to extract contents from the Reborn folder and then run the Reborn Mod Installer.exe file.

Step 6: Copy Over Your Worlds and Players

  1. Your existing world files (world1.wld, world1.wld.bak, etc.) that you hopefully backed up in Step 2 need to be moved or copied to the correct directory if you wish to access these worlds while playing Reborn. By default, the correct directory to copy the world files to would be:
    C:\Users\<YOUR_USERNAME>\Documents\My Games\Terraria\Worlds\tConfig
  2. Your existing player files (player1.plr, player1.plr.bak, etc.) need to be copied to:
    C:\Users\<YOUR_USERNAME>\Documents\My Games\Terraria\Players\tConfig

Step 7: Play!

  1. Launch Steam (make sure you're running it on your administrator account).
  2. Launch Terraria on Steam. It should open the Game Launcher.
  3. Select tConfig in the Game Launcher and click Launch Game.
  4. Go to tConfig Settings and make sure you turn the Reborn Mod on.
  5. You're ready to play!

Select Known Issues

If you're experiencing any bugs or issues with the Reborn Mod, please let the Reborn Mod Team know by writing to them on the Terraria Online thread for the Reborn Mod.[1] I am not affiliated with the mod team and I probably can't help you with any bugs or other issues.

  1. If all your characters and worlds are gone (you don't see them in the in-game menu), it's because you didn't copy over your world and player files in Step 6.
  2. If you get to Step 7 and the Game Launcher repeatedly gives you the error message "Launch the game through your Steam client." -- it's probably because you aren't running Steam from your administrator account, as mentioned in Step 1.


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