Hey everyone, I've got an announcement regarding mods.

We have reached the decision that we will be expanding our wiki to allow all users to write about whichever mods they wish, and will not be endorsing any one particular mod or trying to show favoritism towards any group. That being said, we think that Reborn mod will shape up to be great and we look forward to writing about it.

We think that, since Terraria development has stopped, offering mod content on our wiki is the best new direction for the community. For those of you who may be hesistant or are not interested in playing mods, rest assured that we will be trying our hardest to keep mod content separated from content that is in standard Terraria. We simply wish to provide additional informational content for those people who do enjoy mods =)

We have a custom Mod: namespace that we will be using for adding articles about mods, and our template/category planning is in the works.

Also, we have been in contact with the Reborn mod team and are trying to see if they are interested in participating in our community. That would be great, as people on the mod team itself could potentially be available here to answer your questions! But we don't know if this is going to happen yet, it's still in discussion. Update to follow!
Mathmagician ( talk blog ) 03:53, March 10, 2012 (UTC)

If you're interested in reading/writing about mod content on this wiki, for Reborn or other mods, or if you have any questions, please feel free to comment below!