This is a project page for a project where individual pages will be created for each and every single uniquely named item/monster in Terraria. Most of these pages already exist, but there are a few "conglomerate" pages that this project targets which contain information about multiple items/monsters. Sometimes, new pages may need to be created and information must be moved from the existing "conglomerate" page (soon-to-be disambiguation page) to the individual item/monster pages.

Anyone can help with this project, either by mentioning pages that should be added to this project in the comments, or by helping move information around to fulfill the guidelines of this project. See Project Status for a list of tasks in this project.

If you fulfill a task for this project, please make a comment saying what tasks you completed and please leave your signature + timestamp at the end of the comment by typing ~~~~ (four tildes)

Project Guidelines

  • (High Priority) Each individual item/monster with a unique name on the wiki will be given its own page if it does not already have one. New pages may need to be created. Exceptions are made for monsters such as The Twins, which form a single entity, sort of like how different segments form worm enemies.
  • (High Priority) Existing "conglomerate" pages that contain information for multiple items/monsters should be turned into disambiguation pages linking to each individual item/monster page. If there is too much info in common to all of the different items/monsters, then a general content page is to be used instead of a disambiguation page, so that this common info can go on the content page. Again: disambiguation if the amount of common information is like 1 or 2 short sentences. General content page (no disambig template) if the amount of information is more substantial than that. Either way, links to related items must be present. For a disambig example, see Repeaters. For a general content page, they should be linked by using something like See Also: related item 1, related item 2, etc. If there's a large number of items, that might not be feasible, so just link back to the general content page instead (possibly in the infobox where it says the type of the item). If you're not sure whether to use a content page or a disambiguation, use a content page.
  • (High Priority) Each individual item/monster page should contain information specific to that item/monster, while providing links to related items/monsters. The specific information should be taken from the "conglomerate" page and moved to the item/monster page--after that task is complete, the redundant information can be removed from the "conglomerate" page so that it can be turned into a disambiguation.
  • (High Priority) In some cases, pages themselves may need to be moved (renamed). Before doing this, everything that links to that page needs to be accounted for.
  • (High Priority) When making a disambiguation page, always copy/move any table templates, infoboxes, videos and categories over to the new individual pages. This kind of stuff doesn't belong on a disambiguation page. Always make sure new individual pages get categories copied over, regardless of whether or not the general page is intended to be a disambiguation or a general content page. All pages need categories.
  • (Medium Priority) In general, each individual item/monster page should have a single infobox.
  • (Medium Priority) Try to check grammar and spelling for this project.
  • (Low Priority) When making new pages, try to add appropriate categories if you see they're missing and weren't on the original conglomerate page.
  • (Low Priority) Inaccurate/missing information can be corrected/filled in where appropriate.

Reasons for this Project

  • When information for multiple items/monsters is present on the same page, it can be time consuming to scroll through it to find information specific to a particular item/monster. By making shorter pages with info specific to a single item/monster, readability is increased. Links/disambiguation pages allow for easy navigation.
  • This general concept has always existed around the wiki, and most related pages use this layout. This project's goal is to make this layout absolutely consistent. This establishes a clear, reasonable and consistent layout to use going forward for all future patches of the game.

Project Status

  • Red Link = Page does not yet exist, needs to be created
  • Blue Link = Either page exists and has information, or page is merely a redirect, in which case information must be moved/added here
  • Strikethrough = This task has been completed

Note: Disambiguation pages are created by placing the {{Disambig}} template on a page.

Example of Results

The goal of this project is to create a layout like this. Note that the general page doesn't have to be a disambiguation page with a disambig template. Use disambiguation only if there's very, very little info in common to the items. Use a content page if there's enough common info for an article.


Contributors: Mathmagician, The Pathogen

Mostly completed.

Notes: Template:Accessories will need to have Copper Watch, Silver Watch and Gold Watch added to it in place of Watch. (thanks to Pathogen for adding these)


Contributors: Dzylon



Contributors: Dzylon


Dungeon Brick

Contributors: Dzylon

Completed. There are some broken links to Dungeon Brick still remaining. Also, I would like to see the fact that "this brick cannot be blown up by explosives" listed on the individual pages, not just on the disambig page. My reasons are 1) it's a very important fact, especially since a lot of people complain about Clowns. 2) there are similarly named items such as Red Brick that ARE NOT dungeon bricks and DO get blown up by explosives. Thus, people should be told explicitly on the individual pages that Blue, Pink and Green cannot be blown up by explosives.

Notes: Unfortunately, none of these items have images in the Picture Database (for the infoboxes). EDIT: thanks for making images!

Dungeon Brick Wall

Contributors: Kaekai, Mathmagician

Completed. Some editing still needs to be done.

Notes: Unfortunately, none of these items have images in the Picture Database (for the infoboxes). EDIT: thanks for making images!

Pressure Plate

Contributors: Dzylon

Mostly completed. (Optional verification requested: has anyone ever found a red pressure plate in the environment? I was under the impression that the only way to get this color is to buy it from the mechanic.) EDIT: Thanks to Dzylon for confirming my suspicions that Red and Green must be bought from the Mechanic and CANNOT be found in the environment.

Notes: Pressure Plates should redirect to Pressure Plate.

Slime Monsters

Contributors: Dzylon

Content separated. A little bit of editing left to do.


Contributors: Dzylon

Completed. Gemstone may need a disambig template later.


Contributors: Mathmagician

Mostly Completed. (Are there any torches in the game that are not listed below?)

Notes: Colored Torches should be broken up into 6 pages, 1 for each color (made by gemstones). Afterwards, Colored Torches and Colored Torch should both redirect to the general page.


Contributors: Mathmagician



Contributors: TheAbyss, The Pathogen, Mathmagician



Contributors: Kaekai, Mathmagician, Dzylon

Completed. Goldfish is a special case. Here we have an item named "Goldfish" and a monster named "Goldfish" both being represented on the same page. They need to be split up into 2 pages like this:

These two pages would then link to each other by saying:

This page is about the item. For the monster, see Goldfish (monster).

at the top (and of course vice-versa on the other page). The precedence for this is set on the Werewolf page, and it's an alternate way of handling cases of ambiguity. In this case, it's a better solution than using a disambiguation page.


Contributors: Dzylon


Notes: Inlet Pump page should have a message such as:

Not to be confused with Outlet Pump.


Related Item: Outlet Pump

at the very top of the article. (Same concept applies to the Outlet Pump page, it should link back to Inlet Pump)

Holiday Lights

Contributors: The Pathogen, Dzylon