Hey everyone, Mathmagician here with a simple walkthrough on defeating the Wall of Flesh without the help of any friends or any Hard Mode gear. This guide is geared towards casual gamers, and demonstrates what I believe is the safest way to approach this boss the very first time you fight him. Of course, this isn't the very first time I've fought him. But I will attempt to approach it as if it was.

Formulating A Strategy

The Wall of Flesh is essentially a huge vertical wall that travels in one direction across hell, pushing the player backwards and forcing an on-the-run type of battle. Because of this, the key concept in this battle is going to be horizontal movement.

Since hell is rather uneven, yet the best terrain for horizontal movement is a flat surface, it stands to reason that it would be a very wise idea to construct a long bridge across hell. If I'm able to move freely along this bridge, then I won't have to jump to avoid obstacles such as buildings or lava during the boss fight. This will allow me to more easily focus on running away from the Wall of Flesh and shooting from a safe distance.

As a bonus, once constructed, this bridge can help me to fight the Wall of Flesh over and over again. I could also use it to explore the rest of hell with ease, should I so desire.

Constructing The Bridge

Building Material

  • For the building material, I chose to use Wood Platforms. Why? Because you can shoot through them. The Wall of Flesh spawns minions such as The Hungry and Leeches, which can burrow through blocks. It would be very nice to be able to kill them when they're below the bridge.


  • In this picture, you can see that I've prepared by crafting 15 stacks of wood platforms for the bridge, which will be far more than enough. Additionally, I've brought Night's Edge for my melee weapon and the Phoenix Blaster for my ranged weapon.
  • Also, I've already acquired the full Molten Armor set, so I'm wearing that. In terms of accessories, the first 2 are the most important ones. I'm wearing the Obsidian Shield, which grants immunity to knockback as well as immunity to fire blocks, and the Spectre Boots, which grant the ability to fly and run.
  • I have some Obsidian Skin Potions for dealing with lava, plenty of healing potions, and a Magic Mirror to teleport home if necessary (only while building the bridge).

Time To Build

  • I'm just going to start at the bottom of my hellevator and build the bridge to the right. Mobs may spawn, but I can deal with them pretty easily with Night's Edge. One important thing that I'm on the lookout for is a Voodoo Demon, which will drop the Guide Voodoo Doll that I need to summon the Wall of Flesh. Do not kill the Voodoo Demon while it's flying over lava, because if the doll accidentally falls in the lava then the boss will be spawned prematurely.
  • It's not uncommon to run into obstacles while building the bridge, as the picture shows. Fortunately, I can just mine through them pretty easily. Of course, Dynamite is another viable option as well.

Defeating The Wall of Flesh


  • Well, I have finally finished constructing my bridge, after about 20 minutes. As you can see, I somehow encountered 5 voodoo demons, which is pretty amazing. I also made a quick trip back home to restock on supplies. I bought grenades, figured they might be useful...
  • I have a defense rating of 39, which I achieved through Molten Armor and Reforging my accessories. I also have some Ironskin Potions, so I can boost my defense up to a whopping 47.
  • I now have a ton of Meteor Shots to use with my Phoenix Blaster. Meteor shot is very important because it can pass through an enemy and hit the Wall of Flesh behind it.
  • I'm still wearing my Spectre Boots from earlier. The speed boost from them (or Hermes Boots) will allow me to utilize my bridge most effectively.

Summon The Wall

  • After summoning the Wall of Flesh, do not use the Magic Mirror or otherwise attempt to leave hell until it's dead. (See also: Horrified)
  • When the Wall of Flesh is summoned, it will always spawn just off the edge of the screen and begin traveling towards the world spawn point at the center of the map. Therefore, it's important to stand at the end of the bridge which is furthest from the world spawn point when summoning the Wall of Flesh.
  • Well, I just dropped the voodoo doll into the lava. Poor Guide, your sacrifice will be remembered. In case you were wondering, this is what the Wall of Flesh looks like.
  • The Hungry are attached to him, and they tend to float out in front, trying to eat my face off. Fortunately, I have meteor shots, so I can kill them and damage the Wall of Flesh simultaneously. All I need to do is stay far away, keep running and keep shooting. Even if I'm so far away that the Wall of Flesh itself is offscreen, as long as I aim perfectly horizontally I know that my meteor shots will pass through The Hungry and hit the Mouth, damaging both with every shot.
  • My high defense will allow me to more or less ignore the leeches that spawn. Leeches only do 26 damage, which is reduced by one point for every 2 points of defense that I have, and I have 47 defense (with Ironskin Potion). If you do the math, that means leeches will be hitting me for a massive 2-3 damage on average. Oh, the agony.

2 Minutes In...

  • Wow, this is incredibly easy. In just over 2 minutes, I've killed all of The Hungry and brought the Wall of Flesh down to just 1265 hit points.
  • Observant readers will notice that since the fight began, my ammo count has dropped from 1483 to 1198, so I've only fired 285 shots.
  • Also, I've only used 1 health potion and my health is still fairly high. That's all thanks to my spiffy defense rating. I even walked into the Hungry to swing Night's Edge a few times, so I've taken my fair share of hits.


  • And that's it. Fun times. Recap: I only used 336 meteor shots, 2 health potions, and probably only about half of the length of my bridge. This is a case of massive over-preparation on my part. Well, at least I won, and that's all that counts. I'm kinda sad that I didn't use any grenades though.

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)

The Phoenix Blaster with Meteor Shots can easily defeat the Wall of Flesh. All you need to stay alive is a high defense rating, a few health potions and a bridge across the abyss.

Additional Notes

  • There are some other good weapons you can use against the Wall of Flesh. Even though it's ridiculously good, I chose not to use the Star Cannon because I don't like collecting stars. I chose not to use the Minishark because it does less damage per second and takes more ammo than the Phoenix Blaster, so all around it's less efficient. I also chose not to use any magic because I don't like magic before Hard Mode. Also, with magic, you need a Mana Flower, or else you have to drink mana potions or switch weapons when you run out of mana. Why bother with multiple weapons when you can just spam click with a single weapon and easily win? I just want to keep things as simple as possible.
  • Skilled players can definitely get away with a lower defense rating than my 47, and may wish to use damage-boosting gear in place of defense-boosting gear. I chose defense-boosting gear because it allows for more slip-ups and I wanted to prioritize staying alive over killing the boss faster. That is, I chose the safe option over the fast option. Consistently choosing the safe option is the entire point of this walkthrough. This is an important concept, especially for casual gamers and Hardcore Mode players. When in doubt, always choose the safe option!
  • If a monster does X damage and you have Y defense, then each time you get hit you take X - (Y/2) damage. That means that for every 2 defense you have, you take 1 damage less per hit. If you take many hits, the extra defense helps a lot, especially considering that potions have such a long cooldown in this game. Having more defense is always the safe option.