Hey everyone! Mathmagician back again with another walkthrough rant. This time we're going to look at Dart Traps, and how they can solve all your problems in Terraria. Scratch that. They actually solve all of your life problems.

  • That one "friend" who never returned your favorite video game that you loaned him like 7 years ago? Dart Traps are waiting in the shadows. Oh yes, waiting to give him a yummy treat the next time he opens his refrigerator door. Hmmm, red, copper-flavored yogurt. Must be a new marketing ploy.
  • Those random punks who endlessly regurgitate all that meme crap on youtube? They used to play Skyrim. Then they took an arrow in the knee. (And now they play Terraria.)
  • Don't feel like studying? "Teacher, my Dart Trap ate my homework."
  • Boss giving you an unreasonable project deadline? "Hey, what's this new cube-looking decoration thingamajig in your workspace? This isn't an appropriate use of com--GAH! My eye!"
  • "Don't Like My Driving? Suck it!" Oh, you're going to suck it alright. Right in the rear tire.
  • Neighbor's pet snake camping out in your backyard? Who needs shotguns when you have Dart Traps?
  • Zombie Apocalypse? You may eventually run out of ammo, but your Dart Traps won't.

Not the Introduction

Dear reader,

<rant>Please explain to me why everywhere I go I see people trying to use Dart Traps for farming, house defense and stuff. I mean sure it's the cool new item from patch 1.1 or whatever, but have you forgotten about the good old fashioned lava pit? Lay down a thin layer of lava once. Done. No switches, no wire, no hassle. Oh yeah, and it's not like lava can shoot only once every 3 seconds. And I won't even mention that the On Fire! debuff from lava does more damage than the Poisoned debuff from the Dart Trap.

Dart Traps also put extra strain on your CPU/GPU while dart trajectories are calculated and graphics are rendered. Have you ever killed a hard mode monster with Dart Traps? How long did it take--like long enough for you to listen to every song in your music library? Do Dart Traps kill monsters spawned from statues as instantaneously as lava does? And really, when was the last time you spent hours exploring the world so that you could collect lava?

Oh, the inefficiency. And yet people continue to use the Dart Trap when it's quite obviously an inferior construct. Why!?!?</rant>