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    Gotcha!Hidden items

    February 16, 2014 by MaxCobar1

    Hello everyone!

    I decided trying out the new Gameiki mod,so i can custimize my character and get building on a map i always wanted.

    While scrolling through the items,i found 2 interesting items

    Item #1:

    Red Potion

    (Tier 8) impossible,since i h4xx0rd it in.

    Only for those who are worthy. 

    If you look under the caption "potion" or "red" using the gameiki mod,you'll find it

    i found it by accident while looking for cool cosmetic accessories,and i found it in between the hardmode to prehardmode item switch.

    Don't drink it though,it will give you a lot of debuffs,most of which can be countered with the Ankh shield,but it gives suffocation with an everlasting effect.

    Item #2


    Okay,i have no clue what this is,unlike the red potion which i guess is men…

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  • MaxCobar1

    Servers not working?

    February 16, 2014 by MaxCobar1

    Does it seem that the server hosting is broken in the new 1.2.3 update?

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    My Terraria Ideas,Part Uno.

    November 16, 2013 by MaxCobar1

    Lets get down to Buissness.


    Ranged Weapon


    50 Damage

    Insanly Fast Speed (4),No Knockback.

    "Stuff that dreams are made from"

    Shoots 4 bullets at once,It can shoot any type of bullet,All bullets have high velocity.

    Crafted from : Megashark,10 Shroomite Bars,35 Souls of Flight. at an Cobalt/Orichalcum Anvill.

    The Scissor Blade(s).There are two of them.

    One of them is craftable,other one is a drop,used to create the Scissor Blade,a Tier 7 Weapon,more info later


    75 Damage, Fast Speed (15),Continous Attack (Yes),Very Weak Knockback (2.5),Broadsword.

    Crafted with : True Excalibur,15 Adamantite Bars,20 Souls of Might,40 Souls of Light.

    Does not fire a Projectile,even though it is crafted with a True Excalibur


    80 Damage +…

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    Hello Everyone!

    I just wanted to say hi and give you guys a few of my own ideas i've had for terraria.

    Anyways,lets start.


    Material and Consumable

    Consumable stats-Click-and-Hold item,it pulls items/ores/enemies/ near you,It can pull items of any Tier (No mather if they are a short copper pick or legendary terra-blade),it cannot pull in hardcore ores,nor hardcore enemies.It can pull in coins aswell,making it a good item for picking up fallen coins or coins in hard-to-get places.Once in use,the item will last 4-5 seconds,after that,the item will give you a debuff called "Magentic Poisoning" that lasts 7 minutes you cannot use your magnet untill the 7 minutes are done.

    Material usage- Accessories:

    Hobo-Magnet -  Combined with the Lucky Coin …

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