Hello everyone!

I decided trying out the new Gameiki mod,so i can custimize my character and get building on a map i always wanted.

While scrolling through the items,i found 2 interesting items

Item #1:

Red Potion

(Tier 8) impossible,since i h4xx0rd it in.

Only for those who are worthy. 

2014-02-06 00002

u foking wot m8

If you look under the caption "potion" or "red" using the gameiki mod,you'll find it

i found it by accident while looking for cool cosmetic accessories,and i found it in between the hardmode to prehardmode item switch.

Don't drink it though,it will give you a lot of debuffs,most of which can be countered with the Ankh shield,but it gives suffocation with an everlasting effect.

Item #2


Okay,i have no clue what this is,unlike the red potion which i guess is ment for Red and the mods,but iunno what  they were doing here.

2014-02-06 00007


"Hey,you know what'd be cool",said Red.

"Why don't we add a schyte,that places angel blocks?"

"But why?" said everyone else

"yolo",replied Red.

And they had a party.And added this.

Nothing much to say about this,it's a stackable item,it places angel blocks.If only it could clean windows and scrub toilets.