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Just some ideas i had for terraria

MaxCobar1 October 20, 2013 User blog:MaxCobar1

Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to say hi and give you guys a few of my own ideas i've had for terraria.

Anyways,lets start.


Material and Consumable

Consumable stats-Click-and-Hold item,it pulls items/ores/enemies/ near you,It can pull items of any Tier (No mather if they are a short copper pick or legendary terra-blade),it cannot pull in hardcore ores,nor hardcore enemies.It can pull in coins aswell,making it a good item for picking up fallen coins or coins in hard-to-get places.Once in use,the item will last 4-5 seconds,after that,the item will give you a debuff called "Magentic Poisoning" that lasts 7 minutes you cannot use your magnet untill the 7 minutes are done.

Material usage- Accessories:

Hobo-Magnet -  Combined with the Lucky Coin it couses coins to drop off of enemies when they are hit,and pulls the coins in,aswell,with a pulling rate of 7 (left,right) and 6 (up,down).

Managnet - Combined with 2 Mana Crystal. and a Mana Regen Band.It increases maximal mana by 40,enemies drop a Mana Star,but,instead of the usual 100 mana they restore,these are Super Mana Stars,which regenerate 150 Mana.

M.R.I - Combined with 2 Life Crystals and an Adhesive Bandage,Enemies have a chance to drop Health Potions,such as Minor Health Potion (1:10),Health Potion (1:50) and Large Health Potion (1:100)*.Enemies also drop "Large Health Stars" which instead of healing the Avarage 20 health,these heal 40 health.

Crit Magnet - Combined With the Eye of the Golem ,It increases the Critical Hit Strike Chance by a whopping 60%!

Thats all i've got,suggest any changes in the comment and thanks for reading!

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