Alright as I entered the underground jungle I  notice a glowing green ball or orb. This orb granted me the power to make the Blade of Grass my 2nd piece to mak Night's Edge. Strong Blade of Grass was created the sword is huge on screen along with my Light's Bane and Blood Butcher, I am one step closer to Night's Edge. The Strong  Blade of Grass has a 29 melee damage while my Murderous Blood Butcher has 25 coming in last is my Superior Light's Bane at 20. So how will I find the Greatsword Of Fire or Masemune. I guess wiki is going to be helping me. Now getting a stronger sword is great but my armor lacks it Crimson Armor the strongest I have but I am seeking the rare Ancient Cobalt Armor I have the leggings it dropped from a hornet or Man Eater. Now I got a new pet thanks to the Beeswax, and a Topaz Hook to grapple with instead of the regular grapple hook so now I can say Get Over Here In style. Oh I need help with Skeleton the giant one the boss cuz he killed me and I want REVENGE and I want to get in the Castle or Dungeon. Now my trip into the under ground jungle led me to a full health bar so I got that going for me but before I take on Skeleton or skeletron I have to defeat the brain of Cathulu the giant brain well I can't my world dosen't have any Crimson what do I do? Help.