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The Quest for Night's Edge is completed here are the details

As I spwaned into my world I checked my chest of ores and bars I had 15 hellstone bars. Only 5 more  until the Firey Greatsword. As I ran and jumped down the tunnel to hell I dug equipped and ready for the trip I spwaned in my shadow orb and my pet Zombie. As we traveled deeper and deeper I saw a choas ball fly right towards me the level I was at was about the bottom layer before hell. Then TIM appeared and I was shocked because it was rare to see him so I slashed away and killed him and I got his wizard hat. I traveled further down and the NYMPH appeard aka the lost girl and I killed her will I was shocked because you rarely get to see them both. Now as I got into hell I ran over to the hellstone and I mined it and got enought ore to make 3 bars before I died so I went back down mined again and I fell into lava had to go all the way back then when I got there I had a full inventory and wondered why am I not picking up the hellstone well the lava killed me before i could do anything so another trip back down I picked up the hellstone and then fell into lava I was trying to  use my rocket boots to get out and I was raging and my character looked like he was about to have a spaz attack. Well after that I got back home and forged the Firey Greatsword then I ran to the coruption I found the demon alter and made Night's Edge. YES!!!!!!!!!!!! I yelled my quest was completed this sword has a power of 42 the strongest sword I own. So now the trail and error continues as my next quest is to defeat the WALL OF FLESH.

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