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    Max DPS sets...

    November 19, 2013 by Merlanananananany

    It's MY favourite loadout, not neccisarily yours. Don't complain "ERMAGERD DIS EES BETTER".

    Accesories (All prefixed Warding):

    • Master Ninja Gear
    • Jetpack
    • Frostspark Boots
    • Ankh Shield
    • Fire Gauntlet


    • Chlorophyte Mask
    • Turtle Scale Mail
    • Turtle Leggings


    • Robot Mask
    • Nothing
    • Creeper Pants


    • Violet Gradient Dye in all slots


    • (Ruthless) Paladin's Hammer
    • (Godly) Scourge of the Corruptor
    • (Godly) Vampire Knives
    • (Legendary) Terra Blade
    • (Unreal) Chlorophyte Shotbow (Venom Arrow )
    • (Ruthless) Sniper Rifle (Venom Bullet )
    • (Unreal) Tactical Shotgun (Ichor Bullet )
    • (Terrible) Copper Shortsword
    • (Godly) Mushroom Spear
    • (Mythical) Staff of the Frost Hydra
    • (Mythical) Raven Staff
    • (Mythical) Golden Shower
    • (Mythical) Inferno Fork

    There you go.

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