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  • Michelrpg

    Ah, cheating... we all did it at some point, and usually we loved it. Often it also ruined quality games such as the GTA series (there is only so much fun to be had in genocide). With Terraria, I found that after completely finishing the game with -almost- every item found and created (dayum you compass!) and defeating every boss without even having to resort to potions (save for skeletron prime), I lacked a purpose. So... i came up with a goal: To create a tower that starts from the very BOTTOM of the world, up to the top of the world (or close enough to it). Now, I had the following obstacles in my future:

    1) Space. I would need to clear out a PORTION of the WORLD to create enough space for such a tower, considering it slowly widens after…

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  • Michelrpg

    Its a shame... Redigit has officially stated that he will be giving terraria one more overhaul to fix some bugs, and that will be the end of it. No more new content or updates.

    Which, I admit, leaves me confused. The addition of the Hollowed begs for more content. new mobs, new npcs, new everythings. And now its just "ohwell lets have lunch and screw this". Now, dont get me wrong: I like Redigit. I effin' LOVE his work. Super Mario Bros X? Fantastic game (and certainly a LOT better than New Super Mario Bros Wii, which was a joke). Terraria? Played it for months, and loved every part of it. Sandbox game, exploration, you name it, I loved it.

    But I still feel cheated out of something. All the old bosses had a purpose. Eye of Cthulhu was an in…

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