Ah, cheating... we all did it at some point, and usually we loved it. Often it also ruined quality games such as the GTA series (there is only so much fun to be had in genocide). With Terraria, I found that after completely finishing the game with -almost- every item found and created (dayum you compass!) and defeating every boss without even having to resort to potions (save for skeletron prime), I lacked a purpose. So... i came up with a goal: To create a tower that starts from the very BOTTOM of the world, up to the top of the world (or close enough to it). Now, I had the following obstacles in my future:

1) Space. I would need to clear out a PORTION of the WORLD to create enough space for such a tower, considering it slowly widens after a certain amount of length (think Tower of Babel). Surely enough, this is not something to do by drill or god forgive: a pickaxe. So I would need a quick way to make space, meaning I will have to resort to Dynamite. Meaning I will need a LOT of gold.

2) In hell, there is a lot of lava. I do not like lava. In fact, I am loathe of it. Meaning I need to clear it. So water is needed, lots and lots of water. Meaning... water glitch abuse.

3) Materials to build the tower: Wood for stairs, silver bricks for the frame (I love the silver color in this game). And any and all brick wall colours (or even glass walls), not to mention decorations. While I have a friend who loves decorating in terraria, and coming up with room designs, the problem of materials still persists. Now I could start new worlds, then get all the ores from there and rinse/repeat that, but I simply do not have the patience for this.

What I did to help myself was so simple I amazed myself. I placed a series of empty chests next to eachother. In one chest I placed all my "expensive" materials (adamantite/mythril ores notably), plus my gold stash (which was about 40 gold at the time). I saved the game. Then, I went into my world folder, copied the world 1 files, saved them into another folder, and started the game again. I emptied the chests, saved, and closed the game. Then I copied back the OLD world files and replaced the "new" files. And, as the Joker would say, "Its.... MAGIC!", my chest was refilled yet the stuff I took was safely placed on my character. I took the stuff again, and repeated this a few times. Now, I filled my character after a while, so I sold off -nearly- all my ore for a hefty sum (around 30 platinum), and started placing the materials I'd need in the chest. Meaning bricks, brick walls (I do need a base so I had to make sure I had at least 99 bricks of the colour I wanted to use, and 250 brick walls), wood, and furniture. I repeated the same trick again for this content.

And there I had it: hundreds of platinum coins so i could buy all the dynamite I wanted. All the materials I could ask for. The only thing I did not have was water for the lava, and even that would not be a problem once I'd start abusing the water glitch. Seeing this, I felt happy. Content. Because I could finally do something big in this game, and so far my progress has been that my tower covers about 1/5th of the map in terms of height (its not very wide though). About half the area below my tower has been blown away, and now I am close to trying to mess with hell and it's lava. Will I ever get to finish my tower? I dont know. I doubt I will finish it beyond the frame as I absolutely HATE creating new rooms. But even so, the idea of finishing it sounds nice.

And it's all thanks to cheating. And while cheating normally takes the fun out of a game after a while, in this case... cheating saved my passion for terraria! Hurray!

PS - wordfilter is pissing me off now.