Its a shame... Redigit has officially stated that he will be giving terraria one more overhaul to fix some bugs, and that will be the end of it. No more new content or updates.

Which, I admit, leaves me confused. The addition of the Hollowed begs for more content. new mobs, new npcs, new everythings. And now its just "ohwell lets have lunch and screw this". Now, dont get me wrong: I like Redigit. I effin' LOVE his work. Super Mario Bros X? Fantastic game (and certainly a LOT better than New Super Mario Bros Wii, which was a joke). Terraria? Played it for months, and loved every part of it. Sandbox game, exploration, you name it, I loved it.

But I still feel cheated out of something. All the old bosses had a purpose. Eye of Cthulhu was an intro to bosses and served as the games first "major" challenge. The Eater of Worlds was there to prepare you for upcoming challenges, and Skeletron actually served a storyline purpose. The Wall of Flesh meant breaking the barriers between easy and hardmode. But what of the other three bosses? They served -NO- purpose whatsoever. They gave you stuff to get better gear that you DIDNT EVEN NEED TO USE AFTER THEM ANYMORE.

I guess I have been spoiled so far with this game. But I cant shake the feeling of "there could have been so much more". But alas: such is the curse of a simplistic sandbox game: there can ALWAYS be more