This is a series for new and hardmode players, but this book is for the People who just spawned. So you should immediately make a house. To start that chop trees until you have 125 wood, then make a 6 block high and 10 block wide box, make a workbench the photo says the rest. Now it should be night. I recommend you stay indoors. Now go mining. Look for gold and iron, then with your stone make a furnace to smelt ore. With 5 iron bars make an anvil. (In the house picture there is an anvil) then try to get gold tools, armor and weopons. Then get three lens (from demon eyes) and go to a demon alter. Make a suspicious looking eye. Now its up to you to make a strategy for this boss. And plz tap edit and put some sstrategies for our gold armored players BOOYAH!!!

Screenshot 2015-01-17-22-02-22

This is a basic home. To make a home suitable housing You need a torch,table,chair,door and walls