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aka My name is Marcus.(Call me Chara or Mjc)

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  • I live in in the Philippines. (Or in your dreams >:) )
  • I was born on August 6
  • My occupation is In-human killer , or the Guardian of Realms
  • I am Either, I can gender-swap
  • Mjckiller


    August 25, 2014 by Mjckiller

    Chapter 3,Fire from the Furnace:After we got all the materials we needed,and Vicky getting 27 tin, 52 iron,18 platinum,64 tungsten and 41 demonite,we decided to smelt everything we got,and so far i got tungsten helmet,tin broadsword,war axe of the night,and iron leggings.We decided to fight the eye of cthulu,so we got all 6 lensand went to the corruption,we made the suspicious looking eye and got the musket from a shadow orb,dusk arrives,me,Andrew and Vicky discuss our plans for the fight,Andrew said first,"We should build a platform where you two run along to doge the monster,attack it also while doging to finish it off!"we rested a bit then we passed the time,still knowing the plan,then we started constructing the arena,but as we nearly …

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  • Mjckiller


    August 23, 2014 by Mjckiller

    Chapter 2,Fire and Rescue:We went out of the house and fought all of the monsters,kicking,stabbing,shooting and slaying,there was dead stuff and gore everywhere,but more kept coming,we soon found the person,she said,"Help me kill these monsters,by the way,im Vicky,I was taking my kendo class when i was transported to this land,but by the time we got to the house,it was invaded,I said,"We'll NEVER get in the house now!".but Andrew looked up,he said,"Normally this would be a normal terrarian night,normally this would be the end,but look up,there's a falling star headed for the zombies and demon eyes."I replied,"Why would stars fall here?"he said,"Because of so much corruption and or gore,all the stars come raining and falling down here in te…

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  • Mjckiller


    August 23, 2014 by Mjckiller

    Chapter 1,In the Beginning:If you're reading this you must've found my journal inside an abandoned shaft,at first I was woken up by somebody named Andrew, he said he was going to help me in the land of Terraria.I remember him saying,"They say there is a person who will tell you how to survive in this land,oh wait that's me.",he told me to chop down some trees and make a work bench,next, we made doors and tables to make a house,not to mention the walls,I heard him say,"Oops,","What's wrong?""Oh,somebody arrived at the land of terraria at this time when the zombies and demon eyes are coming.""Good,i already made a bow and a wooden sword,lets get 'em!".End of Chapter 1

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