Chapter 2,Fire and Rescue:We went out of the house and fought all of the monsters,kicking,stabbing,shooting and slaying,there was dead stuff and gore everywhere,but more kept coming,we soon found the person,she said,"Help me kill these monsters,by the way,im Vicky,I was taking my kendo class when i was transported to this land,but by the time we got to the house,it was invaded,I said,"We'll NEVER get in the house now!".but Andrew looked up,he said,"Normally this would be a normal terrarian night,normally this would be the end,but look up,there's a falling star headed for the zombies and demon eyes."I replied,"Why would stars fall here?"he said,"Because of so much corruption and or gore,all the stars come raining and falling down here in terraria."when the star had hit,everything exploded,except the house,Andrew told me,"Hey!You gotta get that thing,these stars don't come around here that much!"I grabbed the star put it in my bag,me,Andrew and Vicky all watched the night end,I asked,"How are you so good in killing zombies?",she said,"I took a bit of kendo."we rested in our beds,we were woken up by Andrew saying,"Hup,hup,hup let's go!Let's go!There's a new day ahead of us,we need to start getting ores and a furnace,we need 20 stone,4 wood and 3 torches,let's mine!"End of Chapter 2