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Chapter 3,Fire from the Furnace:After we got all the materials we needed,and Vicky getting 27 tin, 52 iron,18 platinum,64 tungsten and 41 demonite,we decided to smelt everything we got,and so far i got tungsten helmet,tin broadsword,war axe of the night,and iron leggings.We decided to fight the eye of cthulu,so we got all 6 lensand went to the corruption,we made the suspicious looking eye and got the musket from a shadow orb,dusk arrives,me,Andrew and Vicky discuss our plans for the fight,Andrew said first,"We should build a platform where you two run along to doge the monster,attack it also while doging to finish it off!"we rested a bit then we passed the time,still knowing the plan,then we started constructing the arena,but as we nearly finished the arena the message appeared,"The sky jiggles above you."End of Chapter 3

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