hello terraria players,

i am going to be soon giving out a terraria mobile playerfile with many hardmode items, like tizona, tonbogiri, warding dragon armor, light discs and more, and they will be in the player's safe and inventory. all you need is a computer, iFunBox(or similar apps), a wire that can transfer data between computer and mobile device. i will soon be giving it out by email, so comment your email address. dont worry, its free! when you get the player file, open iFunBox(or similar apps), choose User Applications, then double click "Terraria". once in it, open "Documents" then drag and drop the playerfile in (you must not have 3 player files or else this will not work). in short, after you get the file, go to User applications/Terraria/Documents then drop the playerfile in.

in each item stack, there will be 255 items, so you will have something like "255 legendary hamdrax" or "255 dynamite", which will work perfectly. currently, the hardmode armors have missing textures(except for hallowed chestplate and pants and dragon helm), so best put some vanity clothes on as well.

i will only put the high-end items, so the file will not include cobalt and mythril items, as well as other low-end hardmode stuff. there will be no phasesabers in the file, because of the missing item ids for it, however you can craft them witht he provided crystal shards(510).

also, please suggest any 1.1 items you might want on the playerfile, because many items might not be in the playerfile or even in its safe, because of the lack of space.

playerfile tested since early February by me and some friends. fully functional and flawless(except missing armor textures)

beta release available now at       full release to be released soon :)

Have a good time playing terraria!