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  • I live in La Porte IN
  • I was born on May 11
  • My occupation is video games and reading at night
  • I am male
  • Moab of the rising dead

    I have played terraria for almost a year, and it has been an adventure. My first character was named black frog. My first time on terraria was around july 2013. When I started I had no idea what to do. So I guessed you could chop down trees, and I was right. So I collected 326 pieces of wood. Then I paused and found were you craft items. So I craft what looked like a workbench so I crafted it. And once agian I was right. So I played days and days. Finnaly I found the corruption. That day was the day I found my first shadow orb. I tried to break the stone. I could not so I thought maybe bombs would work, and agian I was right. So I blew a hole so that I could reach the orb. I tried to break it with a pickaxe, I could not. I tried to break i…

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  • Moab of the rising dead

    Hi everyone I have been thiking there's a little too much in terraria on the pc. It's my idea to stop addn to the pc and add more to the xbox 360 edition not just armor and swords , but more like the bosses and cool guns like on the computer. I am not kidding I am tired of them not updating the xbox 360 edition. Do you agree with me? You might not agree with me if you onl own the pc version, but others that own the xbox 360 edition will agree with me.

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  • Moab of the rising dead

    I really want more bosses and npc. If you want less bosses then curse you, bosses are awsome.


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  • Moab of the rising dead

    Hi, this is a blog for all blocks, weapons, and bosses. First I am going to talk about one of the many bosses. I already thought of it, fought it, and saw it. The eye of cthulhu. It has 2800 health at first when it is summoned, but the second phase he only has 1000 health. It does 9 damage with it's slaves, 10 damage by hitting you, and second phase hitting you does about14-16 damage.picture of second phase below.

    Next up is demonite bow. It requires 7 demoite bars. It does about 11-13 damage. It is very fast.picture below.

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