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my character what i have accomplished and my ideas!!!!

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me against the eye of Cthulhu.

I have played terraria for almost a year, and it has been an adventure. My first character was named black frog. My first time on terraria was around july 2013. When I started I had no idea what to do. So I guessed you could chop down trees, and I was right. So I collected 326 pieces of wood. Then I paused and found were you craft items. So I craft what looked like a workbench so I crafted it. And once agian I was right. So I played days and days. Finnaly I found the corruption. That day was the day I found my first shadow orb. I tried to break the stone. I could not so I thought maybe bombs would work, and agian I was right. So I blew a hole so that I could reach the orb. I tried to break it with a pickaxe, I could not. I tried to break it with an axe, I could not. So I thought maybe a hammar, and that worked. I got a band of regeneration. I wondered what that would do. Then 25 seconds later it said" A MEATORITE HAS LANDED". So that is how I found my first shadow orb and meatorite. TOO BE CONTINUED...