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The landscape, the art style and the design of the terraria is spot on for what a video game should be, from the first slime you fight, to the battle against the wall of flesh, you cannot make a much better game, with out a few tricks.

This blog is the start of my artwork in spriting to create a try terrarian look.

Every so often, i am going to update this blog with new creations, im going to start with a few links and pcitures, and then i am going to give you so true artwork masterpeices for terraria.

I am completly fine for people to use these pictures for their mods ect. ect.

please note, i haven't been making terraria art for that long, i am more of a pokemon spriter, since thats how most people begin.

here are some rules im setting myself:

  • do not put up artwork you don't like :P
  • stay away from non-terrarian art, infact, don't make any non terrarian art for a terraria wikia blog about terraia
  • remind other people you are lazy which is why you don't make 9000+ sprites each day :P
  • remind everyone you are not lazy which is why you are writing a blog
  • do not follow the rules, you have green hair (if you get this reference, good on you :3)
  • follow all the rules that are bold
  • make good art for our amazing wikia!

let the art begin!

Terraria Char. 1.

for my blog, and my profile

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