This is an opposite continuation of minisharkpwn's heaven idea. 

Getting to hell

To get to hell, You must defeat a boss monster called the 'Reaper'. Once defeating the reaper, You will get an item called 'Hell Portal'.

Reaper (Boss monster)

Reaper is a skeleton with black robes, similar to the Reaper's. It is holding a Death Sickle. It has 35000 HP. it is a normal sized monster. it cannot go trough blocks, but when it will fly, it will go trough blocks. to summon it, you must use an item called 'Suspicious looking Scythe' to craft it, you must use an eye of the golem, and 1 death sickle. to craft it you must be near a demon/crimson altar. when using it, you will be teleported to an arena that does NOT exist in your world. it is a box made out of dungeon bricks from which your dungeon has. Attempting to mine it, Does NOT work, Not even picksaw can mine it. the arena is  500x300 blocks. It is Immune to knockback. it CAN teleport, once you are fighting it, you will get the  'Horrified' Debuff. it is a little bit faster than you. Once it goes down to 15000 health, it will lose its legs, start flying and going trough blocks.  It has quite a bit of attacks.

1st. he throws his scythe boomerang style at you, dealing up to 80 damage even with the highest armor.

2nd. he casts demon scythes *demon spells* at you which deal 40 damage each. 

3rd. he becomes transparent, he starts healing (100 a sec.), and start spawning various undead creatures, ( zombies, skeletons, bones, etc.) once all of the undeads are dead, he will become vincible again. (only available when he has below 15000 health.)

4rth. He swings his scythe at you on close range, dealing 20-90 damage, also inflicting Weak, Slow and Darkness

5th. When you touch him, he does 100 damage to you and Blackout debuff.

6th. he throws death sickle projectiles, which deal 70 damgae to you. 

NOTE THAT ALL OF HIS ATTACKS PIERCE TROUGH ARMOR. He drops: 50-80 souls of fright, 20-50 souls of night,  30% Reaper's scythe (deals 100 damage and is red&black, if you press M, you will throw it as a boomerang dealing up to 100 damage and pierces trough infinite enemies.) 100% Hell portal

One of the below will drop:

5% Reaper trophy (looks like a scythe mounted on a wooden plaque.)

10% Soul of terror (accessory, once quipped, all of your weapons do 50% more damage

15%  Fast clock

5%  Black Essence (summons a baby reaper pet that fights for you, dealing 30 damage each hit.)  15% Doomblade (recolored version of blood butcherer blood spots being black, and sword blade being really dark red, deals 45 damage and shoots a black ball that deals 20 damage + explosion damage (10dmg), also, explosion will Implode instead of explode, and will 'suck' up enemies (not kill them, just get them to the explosion). Has a projectile cooldown of 12 seconds.)

1% Reaper's Pendant (looks like a cross necklace except the chains are black, and instead of a cross it's a black scythe, when you drop to atleast 5% of your total health, you will able to fly and go trough blocks, aswell as constantly summon zombies and skeletons. but not Bones, these monsters will be friendly to you, they will die after 1 minute. this effect will cancel once you get to atleast 20 of your total hp. THIS is why the droprate should be so low, because this is freaking overpowered, does not heal you though, would make you invincble if it would heal you. This is an accessory item.)

Hell portal

When you kill the reaper, a door will be placed somewhere in the arena. once you open the door, you will return back to the place, same time, where you summoned reaper at. to get into hell, you must feed the hell portal (which looks like a demon altar except is yellow) 5 souls of fright, 5 souls of night, 20 demonite, 20 shadow scales and the oblivion symbol (to feed the hell portal you just click on it with the items that you have to feed it to get to the underworld). Oblivion symbol you can get by killing any hardmode boss (1.05% drop chance). once you feed it all, you will be presented with an item called 'Magma skull' once you use it (anytime, anywhere.) the sky will turn red sun and moon, along with clouds will dissappear, floating rocks will appear in the background, and there will be a text saying in the chat You have opened the gate of hell... and somehwere in the world will appear a giant door made out of obsidian, and all of the water will turn into water, then, in the chat will say The gatekeeper has awoken!

The Gatekeeper

the gatekeeper is a boss looking like the ice golem, except is red and orange. It is very big. 4 times bigger than the normal ice golem. It is immune to every single debuff in the whooooole game. It has 95000 hp and 30 defense. You have whole eternity to kill it, it will NOT despawn. it has several attacks.

1st. It shoots a red laser that pierces trough blocks to hit you. It is its main attack. It pierces armor. its damage is 50, also inflicting 'On Fire!' debuff.

2nd. it summons 5 red devils, and inflicts weak on you..

3rd. It starts to become enraged. he gets 50% faster speed, 10% higher attack, and will starts shooting lasers out of its eye like crazy.

4rth. It flyies up on the air, and then tries to fall on you, if he falls, you get blackout debuff, and take 150 damage.

5th. He will sacrifice some of his health (500) to summon his little minions, called 'The Doombringer's. They are Miniature version of himself (6 times smaller than his old self.) , they are QUITE fast, they deal 20 damage each hit, ignoring armor, and having 100 health. drops 100% chance heart and mana star.

DROPS: 100% The Key (opens the lock on the giant door that leads to the hell (not underworld).). 

100% Magma stone

30% Doom laser. (fires the same projectile as from the gatekeeper's eyes. Costs 20 mana each shot.)


20% The gatekeeper trophy. (Looks like a big chunk of the gatekeeper mounted on a wooden plaque)

13% (COMING SOON! check up tomorrow for updates! don't forget to comment for any suggestions ideas on my little mod idea. :D)