Post your weapon ideas and it's info! Crafting recipe,tooltip,etc.

Here are some of pre-made ones.


Demon Scythe. Crafted by 25 souls of night, (yes it is a hardmode weapon :3) 3 essences of hell (My imagined souls of underworld XD), 1 Cursed flames (spell), 80 demonite ore, 5 corrupt seeds, 1 spelltome. Crafted at bookcase or whatever it is. same stats and tooltip as the original one, and same textures as the original one.

Staff of charms. Crafted by 20 souls of light, 20 souls of sight, 1 broken staff (rare drop from goblin sorcerer (0.01), 30 hallowed bars, 1 diamond staff, 1 jungle rose. Crafted at Demon/Crimson altar. possesses 3 enemies. (any type of bosses, mini or normal or hard bosses, any invasion enemies (except pumpkin moon), passive stuff, boss minions.) uses 20 mana per use.

Bladestorm. Crafted by 30 souls of might, 5 souls of light, 5 souls of night, 20 hallowed bars, 1 broken hero sword, 1 muramasa, 1 excalibur, 1 nights edge, 1 fencing foil. Crafted at mythril/orichalcum anvil. fires a random sword at 10 blocks above the top of the screen, if someone appears to see it, the sword will boom in the effect of the magic mirror teleport, the boom depends on how big is the sword. Swords do as much as damage as its original self. the rarity of swords go from this: from copper shortsword to Terra blade. note that the swords you craft it with are not the only ones that will appear as a sword, also, starfury will appear also as a sword. mana cost: 40, tooltip: "This is what swordsmen are dreaming about..."  . (sorry if i forgot anything to put in the info.)


Arm of death: crafted by 10 souls of fright, 30 souls of night, 1 Meatball/ball o' hurt, 1 Skeletron's hand (dropped by skeletron in original terraria incase you didn't know.), 5 dark shards (yes it will be annoying for players who can't find any of these shards), 50 obsidian. Acts as a grapple hook and a flail at the same time. flail lenght: as much as skeletron's hand grapple hook  range. Grapple range: as much as skeletron's hand grapple hook range. It looks like a black recolor of the skeletron's hand. Crafted at crimson/demon altar. Not affected by gravity. Damage: 45. Size modifiers do work on this.

Fencing foil. crafted with 20 iron/lead bars, 3 silver/tungsten bars. Attack speed: Fast. AutoUse: Yes. Type: shortsword. Length: medium. Damage: 26. Tooltip: "Getting poked by this does not feel nice!" Crafted at: Lead/iron Anvil. Note that this is the only post-hardmode/normal mode weapon i imagined.