• Moomington

    Bunnies: Pre- and post 1.1

    December 22, 2011 by Moomington

    As you may know, bunnies were not able to be killed by players before patch 1.1. I was boundlessly annoyed by this. The trespassing little bastards... Anyway, I figured this out during a Goblin Invasion. I was aiming at a Goblin, but I hit a random bunny. At first I thought: Nah, it was probably the Goblin that killed it. After the invasion, however, I tried it out, and BAM! Bunny giblets everywhere. Before the glorious update that is patch 1.1, I had to let Slimes enter my house just to kill those furry little pesks for me. Of course, my NPCs hated me for it, but oh well. Now... 1.1 has granted me the power to take matters into my own hands. The lovely carpet I had in my house is DRENCHED in rabbit blood now, however, I made the dead bunni…

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  • Moomington


    December 20, 2011 by Moomington

    Hello, i'm Moomington.


    You might, however, have guessed that by the title already.

    Zombies are weak, and easy to defeat once you have a ranged or sufficiently fast melee weapon. If you're patient enough, you could just continuously hit them with a copper pickaxe until they drop dead. Also, some of them look EXCRUCIATINGly ugly after 1.1. I personally find that Terraria lacks ranged monsters. I mean, how many are there? The magic ones, which are rare, the Goblin Archers, which, logically, only occur during a Goblin Invasion. Then there's the Demons and Voodoo Demons which only occur in HELL. Oh yeah, and the Antlions. Those occasionally spawn in deserts. Encountering one of these on the surface is quite uncommon, so I propose a new monster:…

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