As you may know, bunnies were not able to be killed by players before patch 1.1. I was boundlessly annoyed by this. The trespassing little bastards... Anyway, I figured this out during a Goblin Invasion. I was aiming at a Goblin, but I hit a random bunny. At first I thought: Nah, it was probably the Goblin that killed it. After the invasion, however, I tried it out, and BAM! Bunny giblets everywhere. Before the glorious update that is patch 1.1, I had to let Slimes enter my house just to kill those furry little pesks for me. Of course, my NPCs hated me for it, but oh well. Now... 1.1 has granted me the power to take matters into my own hands. The lovely carpet I had in my house is DRENCHED in rabbit blood now, however, I made the dead bunnies into a new carpet.

It looks lovely.

(And I still occasionally let a Slime into my house and try keeping it as a pet, but unluckily, it despawns.)