Hello, i'm Moomington.


You might, however, have guessed that by the title already.

Zombies are weak, and easy to defeat once you have a ranged or sufficiently fast melee weapon. If you're patient enough, you could just continuously hit them with a copper pickaxe until they drop dead. Also, some of them look EXCRUCIATINGly ugly after 1.1. I personally find that Terraria lacks ranged monsters. I mean, how many are there? The magic ones, which are rare, the Goblin Archers, which, logically, only occur during a Goblin Invasion. Then there's the Demons and Voodoo Demons which only occur in HELL. Oh yeah, and the Antlions. Those occasionally spawn in deserts. Encountering one of these on the surface is quite uncommon, so I propose a new monster: The Spitting Slime.


Damage: 4 damage as Green, +1.5 for every higher-leveled color of slime. Baby spitters do only 4 damage, but fire 66.6% faster then their green cousins. Rate of fire should be one projectile/4 seconds for green, decreasing by 0.25 seconds every level of slime. Health: 30% less than their melee counterparts. Drops: Slime Gel and money. Range: 8-15 blocks, depending on slime color. Special Slime: The melee slimes have Pinky. The spitters should have Mortar, a Slime with 100% increased range and 50% increased damage (increased from Mother Spitter), 150 HP and its projectiles travel in large arcs. Projectiles hitting the ground or the player have a 20% chance to drop 1 Gel. Their spawn rate would be about 60% of the spawn rate of normal slimes. Feel free to leave a comment on any changes you would make to the design, or what you think of them.