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the forrgoten dream

It came after I had defeated the lunar boss. The message that destroyed my world "I should probably get to 1547". Unknowingly I had ignored it thinking it was bounus items. I was wrong. For 7 days weird things began to happen. Bosses, events, and army's flooded my home world. Turning day to night. Purity to corruption and crimson. But the eighth day was a tragity. It was a normal day in a world that no longer owned the purity. Out side there were some monsters from corruption and crimson. I quickly brushed past them. I was in league will the mobs that were evil and are peaceful. I was headed out to what I thought was couranaces with bonus items 1547. Than came the message that destroyed my world. It came in a bright red "X you have been warned" I sprinted to my jungle only to find that all holes caverns and caves were filled up with unbreakable bedrock. The message appeared again but in a dark red "X you have been warned". All of the sudden meteorites and volcanoes destroyed my world knocking me out. 

That is how it all began

Hey this is a part series this is part one please don't leave any negative comments thanks for reading. (This is a terraia story).

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