• MrMystery9

    Alright, finally I've gotten a bit of time to myself to mess around with 1.1. I beat Wall of Flesh on my first day, with my reforged Star Cannon, but on my way to hell I noticed a few things. First off, my game is getting really laggy, and I mean REALLY laggy, and when I drop down a certain distance, light spreads all over the place. It's useful for finding ores and stuff, but the light from my items, such as (Legendary) Night's Edge and Orb of Light, are a bit "late", so if I swing my Night's Edge, the light shows up a second or two later, and my Orb of Light (excuse my language) is absolute crap. Overall, 1.1 is an improvement, and hopefully some of these bugs will be fixed on the 15th, but I'm just wondering; is anyone else having theseā€¦

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