The latest update of Terraria introduced a new form of explosive: simply called 'explosives'. It is crafted with 3 pieces of Dynamite and 1 piece of wire. Unlike dynamite and bombs, explosives require a trigger. This makes them ideal for traps, as they can be linked to a pressure plate, lever or switch.

Similar to both Bombs and Dynamite, explosives remove blocks. I have discovered recently that no research has gone into the blast radius of these three items. Intrigued, I set out to document them.


  • To document the blast radius of bombs, dynamite and Explosives.
  • To see if there is a difference between the blast radius for dynamite and explosives.
  • To see how much *ahem* "Bang for your buck" you get, dividing cost by blast radius.

Experiment 1: Dynamite

The favorite explosive of Wild west film villians, dynamite packs a punch that can leave a hole in the landscape that would make greenpeace members everywhere weep silently.

These can only be found in golden chests, or bought from the Demolitionist for 50  SilverCoin Smalleach. Unfortunately, dynamite is volatile, and can only be kept in stacks of 5. For the beginner player, that would be more than enough, as each stack would cost you a pretty 2 GoldCoin Small and 50  SilverCoin Small to buy a stack.

But is it really worth that? Does it put its money where its explosion is?

Step 1: Set up.Apperatus

The ruler was used to keep track of the epicenter of the explosion, as well as the actual radius of the blast.

Step 2: Explosion and measurement.


The blast radius, as demonstated in the above picture, was 7 blocks wide.

If a piece of dynamite were to go off in a hole surrounded on all sides by solid blocks, it would break roughly 168 blocks, although some, I believe, are destroyed in the explosion.

Experiment 2: Bombs

The lowly bomb is an excellent ally to the miner in a hurry. Able to be carried in stacks of 50, and thrown down a 2 block wide hole, the bomb graces the inventories of many adventurers.

At 5  SilverCoin Small each, it would take 2  GoldCoin Small and 50  SilverCoin Small to fill a stack. As you can see, this is the same price as the dynamite stack.

But how large an explosion can the humble bomb make?

Part 1: Set up.


The bomb is roughly 2 blocks wide, which complicates things somewhat. I decided to start measurement from the edge of the hole, so that it could give a true reading of how much of a blast radius it had.

Part 2: Explosion and measurement


...Wow, that's kind of embarrassing. Despite it's larger size, the bomb has less than a third of dynamites destructive power.

Completely surrounded by blocks (bar the hole it dropped into), the bomb would remove 21 blocks at a time.

Experiment 3: Explosives

In truth, I was sceptical of explosives. Used once to clear an area, it seemed to me to do the same amount of damage as dynamite.

Considering the cost of materials for Explosives: 1  GoldCoin Small and 50  SilverCoin Small for the dynamite, and a further 5  SilverCoin Small for the wire, I would be disappointed if it had the same effect as dynamite.

Step 1: Setup.


Since wiring can go through blocks with ease, I decided to totally enclose the dynamite, and use a shiny, shiny lever to detonate it.

Step 2: Explosion and Measurement


As you can see, my fear that explosives had the same power as dynamite was completely unfounded.

I am unsure of how many blocks a completely enclosed Explosive would remove could be, but I estimate it at 250 blocks.

Bang for your buck

All of this is very well, but for the thrifty miners among you, you'd be wondering which of these gives the biggest destruction to coin ratio. So, let's present the facts.

Item Bomb Dynamite Explosives
Cost 5 SilverCoin Small 50 SilverCoin Small 1 GoldCoin Small 55 SilverCoin Small
Stack 50 5 250
Total cost 2 GoldCoin Small 50 SilverCoin Small 2 GoldCoin Small 50 SilverCoin Small 3 PlatinumCoin Small 87 GoldCoin Small 50 SilverCoin Small
Blast 2 blocks 7 blocks 9 blocks
Blocks 21 blocks 168 blocks 250 blocks
Ratio 24  CopperCoin Small/block 29  CopperCoin Small/block 62  CopperCoin Small/block

In a surprising turn of events, the winner is the Bomb!

So, go blow stuff up to your hearts content, knowing that whatever you're using, it makes stuff go 'boom'.