• MythicalWyvern

    Hello! in this blog, i will tell you about the bosses in this post, and you can do that to, and you can say your boss ideas. Now! The bosses!

    Eye Of Cthulu = The easiest boss! when you start, i reccomend you build a long platform and use shurikens. if you can, throw grenades. but watch out! they might blow you up too! if your have decent gear, you can use anything. Dark lance, sunfury, molten fury, just anything! i reccomend Iron stuff, and an iron bow if you dont have any shurikens or knifes. throwing knifes, to be exact.

    Eater Of Worlds = If you have a flail and have cobalt/obsidian shield, or grapple hook to the floor. (you probably wont have cobalt or obsidian shield) hold out your flail so its on you. it wont hurt you, but your stuck to…

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