Hello! in this blog, i will tell you about the bosses in this post, and you can do that to, and you can say your boss ideas. Now! The bosses!

Eye Of Cthulu = The easiest boss! when you start, i reccomend you build a long platform and use shurikens. if you can, throw grenades. but watch out! they might blow you up too! if your have decent gear, you can use anything. Dark lance, sunfury, molten fury, just anything! i reccomend Iron stuff, and an iron bow if you dont have any shurikens or knifes. throwing knifes, to be exact.

Eater Of Worlds = If you have a flail and have cobalt/obsidian shield, or grapple hook to the floor. (you probably wont have cobalt or obsidian shield) hold out your flail so its on you. it wont hurt you, but your stuck to the floor, so you'll DESTROY him you get shadowscales, for shadowscale armor, The breaker (hammer) and the Nightmare Pickaxe.

Skeletron = Shadowscale. use the minishark. build an arena out of platforms. simple, yet hard. (the fight is hard for the first time) once you beat him, you can go in the dungeon! the items are = Murasmasa (sword) blue moon (flail) cobalt shield (accesory) shadow key (opens shadow chests) aqua sceptre (shoots water) waterbolt (shoots bolts of water that bounce around) and i believe theres a few more items. you have to have golden keys to open the chests, but this isnt about the keys

Wall of flesh = First, you want a long long long platform going very far. you need the guide voodoo doll, and throw it into lava. meele the hungry, use the phoenix blaster/star cannon for the eyes. dont bother with the mouth, other than it shooting out leeches! the eyes have 0 defence, so attack them instead of the mouth. he will leave behind a PWNhammer and one of the following = Breaker blade, laser rifle, warrior/ranger/mage emblem, or clockwork assault rifle.

Theres also the twins, skeletron prime and the destroyer, but they are just upgraded versions of the first 3 bosses in the list. Now, feel free to say your boss ideas! IMPORTANT NOTE = all these bosses are offical bosses in the game, feel free to talk about your boss ideas and boss info/tactics/