This is my first blog about "Admins" and what i think about them so here you go! "Admin" is a person in a server or game that is in control of the place, the term for admin is "Administrator" which is the correct term. Admin is something allowed to certain people because the main admin likes/respects them. In a server in terraria, the people that mostly have admin are the people who founded the server itself. There are even admins in minecraft and the wiki too! Admins are presented with the power to, kick, ban change time, or even give items! Admin can be presented to multiple or one person at a time, when theres more then one admin, its most likely the main admin gave the others his prowers of the server because he/she trusts them. The people who are NOT the most probable to be admins are "griefers" or someone on the server who has a knack to destroy/explode/dismantle things people worked on. Admins will most likely ban/kick/boot the griefer from the server, unless it is a grief-available server, (As in the admins allows griefing.) Griefers, as in multiple people, do not only happen in terraria, it happens in multible games, like minecraft, or in the wiki where people fief the descriptions, or any other game where you build, or dismantle things. Thnx for coming to read my opinion on admins and even more for reading this. :D