first with a little shack what you want to do is gather materials but you cant survive on just the overworld you have to go deep to the bowels of the terraria earth. first you should make about 30-60 torches and wooden plat forms with about half or a quarter of your wood supply then dig straight down with a 2 block wide tunnle perfect for your charecter. to conserve torches place one every time only your charector gets sumberged in complete darknes and place a wooden platform about every 6 blocks (as high as your charector can jump) to get out alive. but i always mine till i die in that case place a platform about every 10-12 blocks. then if you find a cave, dig until you are 1 block away from the top of the cave, dig on block next to your foot and throw a torch down, the torch will light up the area even if you dont place it and you will know if there are any baddies below you (or lava if your far enough down). then explore the cave to its farthes depths. then get to the deepest part of your cave system continue digging straight down, with that you will mine so much stuff get alot of materials and ores and fall to your death more than neccesary (warning i am not responcible for death by falling into lava, falling into water and drowning, falling into tim, falling into a perahna filled pool, falling into a skeliton rave party, falling into a mama slime or any other kind of slime, skeleton, tim, or a crazy world of trpped out shrooms, or just falling to your death and your brother and or sister getting you grounded for cursing at gravity.) hope it helped, and yes i ment the part about the shrooms