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  • Neodude

    Okay, I have decided I want to get my hands on the full ninja set. Instead of sitting at the edge of the world with a water candle, I have crafted 5 or 6 King slime summoning things. I used one and it worked fine, teh king slime showed up and I beat him. However, on the second spawn, it said he had arrived, adn yet I sat around for 20 minutes wating, and he didn't show up, I dug around to see if any caves where nearby and there were none, jsut a large flat area. After a while the boss music stopped. I just tried again thinking if I reloaded Terraria it would work...but same thing. An ideas on what is gonig on? I really don't want to lose any more king slime summons.

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  • Neodude

    Okay, I have been trying to get the Natuer's Gift for about a week now, and so far have come up empty. I found all of the chests in the jungle on my world with a viewer and did not get it from them. I have seen a few people state that it can be found sometiems randomly growing within the underground jungle, so i am wondering if that is true. Also, if it is, could I possibly create a fake underground jungle beneath my house using jungle grass seeds, and then just keep checking on it to see if it works? Would that get rid of the difficulty of wandering aimlessly around the jungle?

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