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WoF Tips and Tricks!!!

Neosamr February 17, 2014 User blog:Neosamr

Here is a very short guide on how to kill the wall of flesh without glitching! 100% Legit!!!

[I am on Console so this guide might not help PC]



First you need to dig a hellivator and reach hell, once you are in hell look for a hell forge and break the blocks under it so you can collect it also collect the fire blossom thingys and collect lots of obsidian thenmake your way back to the overworld (By now you should have about 50 Fireblossoms and around 200-300 Obsidian) When you get back make 50 Obsidian skin potions and save the rest of your obsidian.


Now you have immunity to lava with the potions  go back to hell and use them so you can swim in the lava and mine hellstone safely (Hellstone spews out lava when mined). Once you have about 900-1000 Hellstone go back to the overworld and smelt the Hellstone into ingots with the hellforge. You should have around 200-250 Hellstone now and you can make hellstone gear!!! At this stage you should start to collect lots of gold and metiorite so you can have a very badass weapon...


Once you have about 40G (Gold) You should but a Sharkgun and buy 4 stacks of ammo! You should mine a whole metiore and them make metiore shot bullets using the bullets and metiore. Now you have a realy badass gun to kill the WoF with!!! I reccomend having a Speed+ Sharkgun because then you are OP, I had a Godly MiniShark when I fought WoF!!!

Stage 3 [THE BRIDGE]

Now you have all the gear you now need somewhere to fight!!! Collect LOADS of stone or Ash block and start to build a massive bridge in hell! (Here are exact block sizes for bridge for each world type SMALL-4200 MEDIUM- 6400 LARGE- 8400) Once it is done build a little shrine at one end that has a lava pool in it and find a voodoo doll and now you are ready...

Stage 4 [THE FIGHT]

Now you have everything go to your little lava pool and throw in the doll. Use the MiniShark and Meteor Shot Combo and annihilate the thingys coming out the WoF and once you are done with them aim for WoF's Eyes as those are the week spot and if all goes well you will end up with a PwnHammer, Hardmode, Lots of Gold and an epic drop!!!

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