Hello fellow Wiki Contributers! I am NexusGamer and I am here to give you tips to help you improve your Terraria experience. Now, I just wanted to say that more people look up help on blogs rather then looking up help in the actual wiki, so lets get this straight, Terraria is a 2d sandbox game inspired by Minecraft and created by Redigit. So far, lots of people didn't know the basics of Terraria so I will get them started.


Q. Is Terraria copied from Minecraft? A. No, but it is inspired by Minecraft, due to Terraria getting created after Minecraft. Q. Where do you get Terraria? A. You can get it at or you can get the Collectors Edition. Q. I got the Collectors Edition, what do I do? A. Initially, you want to insert your disc into the disc driver, then, go to My Computer and click Terraria, and then you set it up.

Sorry, I don't feel like copying the Terraria Wiki, but this is my first blog, and I felt like helping people, so don't hate!


You have to create your character and create a world to be able to play Terraria, then when you enter the world you might need to gather some wood by left click holding with the axe tool and aiming your cursor on the tree trunk. Then when you have enough wood, make a crafting bench, some torches, wooden walls, chairs and tables, and of course, doors. Then you make a house and that's initially it for the basics! For more info, ask the Guide (NPC).


Crafting is simple! First, you make a crafting bench (Using Wood) and then you can craft other crafting thingies.


Oh no! Looks like you have to read the dreaded paragraph about BOSSES! To summon bosses, you have to get certain materials and craft at the Demon Altar! Demon Altars can be found in underground Corruption Biomes. After you made the summon items, you might need to go on surface and summon them, BE SURE TO HAVE ARMOUR ON! Sometimes, bosses spawn without items, such as these 2 mini bosses: King Slime and the Wyvern. The bosses and mini bosses and others are listed below. Bosses: Eater of Worlds. Eye of Cthulu. Skeletron (Dungeon Guardian/Old Man). Wall of Flesh. The Destroyer. The Twins. Skeletron Prime.

Mini Bosses: King Slime. Wyvern.

Events: Goblin Army Invasion. Frost Legion Invasion.

That's about it for this blog, thank you! And this is my first blog so I did use some effort in it. Thank you!