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  • Nicholaswww1

    Aright,its me again this time its difrent ,ok so my story begin from here: so i have a two characters one thats is in harmode,and one thats normal the normal:im using gold armor and equiment and then i joined a sever then sundenly a dude just give me 99 Adamanite bar,and so what the hell, so i just thanks to the guy and leave the sever.

    (Skip to the part i joined to the second server if you don't wanna hear me bla,bla,bla ing )

    So then i go home try to make a arnor/equipment using a normal furnace but it did not work, so then i put it in my chest then i joined a nother server, so the server was in PVP so i did not activated the PVP or a team, so i just realise there is a Adamanite forge,so then i leave the server go back to my world take out…

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  • Nicholaswww1

    Alright, i can,t join any Terraria server but i can make my own Terraria sever everytime i joined a server it goes like this example: i just wrote the IP adress 472.24.45 (example) so i just pres enter then it said 'connecting to Terraria server : 472.24.45 but after a while it does nothing please somebody help

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