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  • Nightthekidr5

    Extremely Bad luck

    August 25, 2015 by Nightthekidr5

    Okay, I just defeated the wall of flesh! Peachy, right? NOPE. I immediately get a blood moon the night after, right after that bloodshed, THE PIRATES CAME. Anyways, after being killed a ton of times and having my town filled with tombstones, skeletron prime AND ANOTHER BLOOD MOON comes up.

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  • Nightthekidr5

    My first terraria game was on console, and hence why I have friends with me.

    Here's how it went.

    Me and my 2 friends just crafted the suspicious looking eye. While we knew what it did, what we DIDN'T know was that you're supposed to have silver/tungsten items first. So, we jumped into the fight with just WOOD ARMOR.

    The eye of cthulu has awoken!

    Friend #1 throws a grenade and blows himself up Friend #2 was killed by zombies before we spawned it and is being killed by zombies again I try to go melee, got killed. (Lead broadsword)

    We're all at spawn, but the spawn is near our fight area (No arena) Being chased by zombies, we all run right and fall into a lake, drowning and being killed. Respawn, and then friend #1 throws BOMBS (not grenades, BOMB…

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  • Nightthekidr5

    Bad Advice?

    May 26, 2015 by Nightthekidr5

    Have you guys ever taken some bad advice and regretted from it? (Mainly terraria plz)

    I was going against WOF using my HC character. I heard that water bolt is good, so  I used it instead of my book of skulls. Bad mistake. Wasted lots of mana, and died in the end, Thanks alot water bolt!

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  • Nightthekidr5

    Lucky Moments

    May 17, 2015 by Nightthekidr5

    What lucky moments did you ever have? I've got to say when I was in a HC character, and I set off a boulder trap... That landed to the left of me. And after than, I immediatly stepped on another pressure plate, sending another boulder trap off... To the left of me. :DDD

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  • Nightthekidr5

    What is the worst thing that happened to you when you left your world on for a while? My corruption took over the ocean, and managed to travel right above hell.

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