My first terraria game was on console, and hence why I have friends with me.

Here's how it went.

Me and my 2 friends just crafted the suspicious looking eye. While we knew what it did, what we DIDN'T know was that you're supposed to have silver/tungsten items first. So, we jumped into the fight with just WOOD ARMOR.

The eye of cthulu has awoken!

Friend #1 throws a grenade and blows himself up Friend #2 was killed by zombies before we spawned it and is being killed by zombies again I try to go melee, got killed. (Lead broadsword)

We're all at spawn, but the spawn is near our fight area (No arena) Being chased by zombies, we all run right and fall into a lake, drowning and being killed. Respawn, and then friend #1 throws BOMBS (not grenades, BOMBS) Friend 2 runs away I go melee and get killed again Friend 2 was slain by demon eye

Eventually, this havoc continues and day breaks. However, we DID get it in stage 2, but we still failed horribly