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Simply Modpack 1.0.7

This mod will add to the game new weapons and armor without disturbing the balance.

I present the sixth version!

In the mode are:

  • Stone armor;
  • Clay armor;
  • Bronze armor;
  • Skeletal set (temporarily removed);
  • Ebonstone armor;
  • Pearlstone Armor;
  • Obsidian armor (with sword and hamaxe);
  • Titanium armor;
  • Zalinozum armor;
  • Ceramite armor (with weapons);
  • Hi-Tech hat;
  • Coral Sword;
  • Crystal Sword;
  • Masamune (Sky Edge);
  • Blade of Eternity and Sword of Eternity.
04 керамитовый бомбомет для тех, кому надоело махать киркой

Ceramite bomb launcher

This version has been added:

  • Ceramite Disc;
  • Blade of Eternity;
  • Sword of Eternity;
  • Masamune (Sky Edge);
  • Crystal Sword.


  • Ceramite Laser rifle;
  • Bronze tools;
  • Hallowed firearms;
  • Zapinator;
  • 2 new sets of armor in the highest quality.

The creator:


Link to download:

(Installer file and "Simply ModPack 1.0.7.obj" put in the folder C:/My Documents/My Games/Terraria/ ModPacks). I apologize for the fact that the recipe list in Russian. But you can ask the Guide recipes!

[ UniBytes]

And something else:

I translated the text through the google translator (the fact that in this description do not understand - his fault =)) To all who came and downloaded the mod, thanks. Made in Russia. Play with polar bear =)

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