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    Terraria 1.3 Spoliers

    January 8, 2015 by NoahBR


    Currently, Terraria is in version As more information about the 1.3 (Lunar) Update leaks or is released, hype continues to increase. All Terrarians are very exited for this update. The developers have stated that there will be no release date because it not only puts pressure on them, but also the release date for 1.2 was not met, and they rushed the last few features. Even though it means a longer wait, it will be worth it.

    Redgit has said that the 1.3 Lunar Update will be the last major update for Terraria. Which, personally saddens me, being an avid Terraria player. BUT, don't get discouraged, they said the same thing about the 1.2 update. He has also released a statement on Why, which is Terraria: Other Worlds.

     Little has beeā€¦

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