Does anyone have an iPod, iPad or an iPhone they are using to search the Terraria wiki without minimizing the windown while playing Terraria? Or does anyone just likes to lay down on a sofa and read about the things going on in the wiki recently? Well I do and I most of the time I'm using internet on my iPod I spend on this wiki. I can look through new articles, comment on them, reply to comments, look for help about Terraria itself, but the mobile version of the wiki does have some problems. If you go on the Terraria Wiki page from the iPod or any other mobile device you can see that it is in mobile version. But if possible they should fix and add some feautures to it.

First thing that would be awesome is adding the chat. I cant chat from my iPod but I really enjoy doing that on my PC and I'm sure most people do that too. Another thing is adding pages. It seems that every time I try to add new title the editor crashes probably because some features of it that you can have while editing on the PC are not availabe such as script and signature. Maybe the features could be shorted on the mobile version so that anyone who has a free minute could add an article when possible. An actuall app would be great but I think that now I'm asking too much :P

I am sorry if my English is not very good but I'm sure you understand this. If you agree with me then please comment and suggest about this BELOW [1]

Thanks for your time.


Nutric (talk) 19:01, July 23, 2012 (UTC)