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NyteDread February 22, 2014 User blog:NyteDread

This is a page I will use for Terraria Tales, a small series I've been wanting to work on.

After I waken from what feels to be a decade’s sleep, I look around for the familiar cities. They aren’t here. All I have is a short sword, a pick, and an ax. I look around for life, and find a person named Tom. Tom says he will help guide me through Terraria. “Terraria?” I ask. “I live in Hervortston. That’s we were are, right?” Tom shakes his head. “I don’t think I’m in Virginia anymore then, huh? Well, can you talk at least?” He responds with a stuttering voice. “I can, but-I will fo-rce talking h-elp-Don’t wander at night. It’s dangerous.” I jump back in surprise. “Well, you shouldn’t talk then. Can you write?” He responds with a shake of the head. “Well, that will have to do. Anyone else live here? Tom starts to talk. “Yes, but there are req-uirements.” I nod and walk off. I chop down some logs then start on a small base. After that, I cave. Not going too deep to find monsters, however. Then the sky starts to darken. Tom rushes in, and I protect him since he is going to help. After a zombie invasion, the sky brightens. I tell Tom I’ll be back, and go off to kill some slimes. After a little, some gel is collected, torches and made and base is extended. After doing this for 3 days, I need resources. Badly. I have no armor or good weapon. I think and know what I need to do. I need to go caving. Deep caving. Then after realizing I need to this, I prepare for the coming expedition.

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